Laundrylux forms new Customer Care department

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In keeping with its mission to build strong partnerships with its customers, to consistently provide superior service, and to help its distributors grow their business, Laundrylux has formed a brand new Customer Care department and hired Jessica Orenstein to lead the charge.

“I come to work everyday excited about the opportunity and thrilled to be a part of the Laundrylux team,” shares Jessica Orenstein, Director of Customer Care.  “My job is to continually improve customer service and to make it as easy as possible – and a pleasure – for customers to do business with Laundrylux. We have been in business over 50 years and some of our employees have been with the company more than 35 years. They are extremely dedicated and committed to the company and the customer – and the knowledge is incredible. It is with great pride that we are all working as a team to improve the customers’ experience and to be forward-thinking and customer-centric.”

Ms. Orenstein joins Laundrylux with a wealth of customer care experience. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Orenstein worked for mattress distributor Sleepy’s where she supervised a national call center.

Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux, states, “Laundrylux operates in a very competitive business environment and our customers — both distributors and end-users of our products — expect us to operate with courtesy, care, and professionalism. Our rapid growth over the last few years led us to re-evaluate our internal business processes, and we realized that a reconfigured Customer Care Department was necessary. Going forward we will integrate areas of our business which most frequently ‘touch’ our customers to ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction. We have also streamlined certain policies to reduce paperwork and speed decision-making. Jessica Orenstein, who leads our customer care initiative, brings years of experience and success to the task.”

“Laundrylux is also implementing new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which will be the operating system for our entire business,” adds Milch. “Our ERP system will allow Wascomat and Electrolux distributors to see a ‘dashboard’ of their entire business relationship with Laundrylux and will greatly enhance the information available to them, including inventory, finance transactions, order status, and more.”

Laundrylux introduces revolutionary Crossover Series at Clean 2011

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After four years of intensive development, Laundrylux introduces the world’s first line of commercial-standard small chassis laundry equipment, including a large capacity stand alone washer, dryer and stacked washer & dryer combo, all engineered specifically for the needs of demanding businesses. If your business is  in the facility management / route laundry market, small OPL, or coin laundry industry, then the Crossover Series is the perfect fit. It competes against Whirlpool’s (WHR) Maytag division, Speed Queen’s division of Alliance Laundry Holdings (ALH), and LG, but the superior Crossover is truly in a class by itself.

Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux, states, “The response has been enthusiastic to our announced entry into commercial small chassis laundry equipment markets. We have been overwhelmed by the reaction from route operators who have emphasized their desire for Laundrylux to provide products that are not appliances, but instead are true commercial quality. The Crossover washer is a new class of washing machine that never existed before. Other manufacturers supply the route market with residential machines that are appliances not really suitable for business use. Our Crossover washer has a 15,000 cycle machine life design, professional grade 8-point suspension system, 3 seals with heavy-duty SKF bearing assembly, and 300G high-speed extraction. We are confident we’ll achieve our goal of 50% market share by the end of 2012. By introducing this complete commercial product line we will also accelerate sales of our popular large capacity brands, Electrolux and Wascomat, since distributors today require a comprehensive portfolio of professional and commercial specification products for all market segments.”

“The innovation and technical superiority built into every Crossover washer and dryer will be welcomed by a market tired of home appliances masquerading as commercial equipment, ” says industry veteran and Laundrylux President Howard Herman. “Energy Star and Tier 3 CEE rated, as well as ADA compliant, Crossover is built for long life and reliability featuring solid steel counter weights, large oversized doors, and high security money vaults. Combine all the quality  features with its user-friendly wash and dry programs designed to lower energy costs and deliver the best customer experience in the industry, and you have products that are Best in Class . We’re offering the world’s first small chassis washer and dryer engineered to commercial laundry standards to meet your business needs.”

To learn more, contact the sales dept. at (800)645-2205 or call your local authorized Laundrylux distributor.

John Sabino chosen for finance panel at Clean

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Laundrylux is proud to announce that its COO John Sabino has been chosen for a special CLA-sponsored finance panel at Clean 2011.  The presentation, “The New Rules of Finance,” is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 9:00am.

Mr. Sabino joined Laundrylux in 2009 and is responsible for the continued growth of the Electrolux and Wascomat brands of professional coin and OPL laundry equipment. His responsibilities include managing aspects of distribution, finance, logistics, and product development. Mr. Sabino joined the Laundrylux team with more than 10 years of retail and operations experience in the coin laundry industry. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Sabino was the President of Laundry Capital, LLC where he was involved in development, acquisition, and operation of more than 120 coin laundry superstores in New York, Philadelphia, New England, Atlanta, and California.

“John is an outstanding and well-respected member of our team,” shares Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux. “His unique national experience in the coin laundry industry, deep understanding of distribution and finance, and strong operations skills make him a real asset to Laundrylux. Anyone attending the finance presentation at Clean will be impressed with John’s knowledge and keen insight into the business.”

Working hand-in-hand with Laundrylux President Howard Herman, Mr. Sabino expresses pride and confidence in the leadership team and the quality of the products. “We understand market needs and continue to successfully develop the highest quality products at a time when most companies have cut back. Supporting our success is our in-house lending arm, Laundrylux Financial Services. – a great resource for our distributor network and their customers. With Electrolux and Wascomat brands, and the newly introduced Crossover Series (the world’s first small chassis washer and dryer built specifically for commercial use), we are perfectly positioned for tremendous growth.”

No Payments Until April 2011

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Laundrylux introduces special new financing program!

No payments until April 2011 when you buy Wascomat or Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment! It’s the perfect time to retool your store.

The special program is available to qualified buyers that take delivery of the equipment by 12/31/10, so don’t delay.  Call your local authorized Wascomat or Electrolux dealer today for details — or contact the Laundrylux sales dept. at (800)645-2205 for a dealer nearest you.

Offer is subject to change without notice. All financing transactions are subject to credit approval.

Here are some more reasons to buy now:

  • Write off up to $500K – take advantage of Section 179 of the tax code and expense up to $500,000 if your new equipment is put in use in 2010.*
  • ADA Tax Credit – Take a $5,000 tax credit on select washers and dryers.*

* We do not make any representations as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information, and shall not be liable for any loss caused by reliance upon it. Please consult with your Tax Advisor for information.

Laundrylux presents Wascomat and Electrolux at upcoming AAHOA show

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May 18, 2010 – Wascomat, the brand that first made it economically feasible to process laundry in-house, has a great reputation in the industry. It’s known industry-wide for superior products that are easy to use, durable, and long-lasting. In fact, there are 40 year old Wascomats still working today.

Now Laundrylux introduces the Electrolux Professional Laundry brand to the market as well.

Global leader Electrolux provides you with laundry solutions designed to save you money while increasing your productivity. You’ll immediately see increased flexibility, control, and cost-savings with Electrolux Professional washers, dryers, and ironers. Built to the highest standards, the machines have unique water and energy saving features such as:

Automatic Weighing System (AWS)

With each wash cycle, AWS automatically determines the weight of the load and adds precisely the right mount of water resulting in reduced water consumption and energy costs. You will save water consistently with every less-than-full load, which means lower gas consumption as well since less hot water will be used.

Dryers with Auto Stop

Prevents overdrying and wrinkles by automatically calculating the correct time to turn on and off the burner resulting in longer linen life and energy savings.

Compass Control

Let’s you dial in for precise control of important functions such as water levels, wash times and number of rinses – one knob does it all. Compass Control gives you the ultimate flexibility and precise processing of your laundry.

Reversing drum standard – and single phase

Electrolux dryers come standard with reversing drums single phase. No need to upgrade your service. Minimizes tangling and wrinkling and improves dryer efficiency.

Laundrylux also introduced Pronto™ to the market – Electrolux Professional’s combo washer/dryer. This all-in-one machine is a real time saver and uses half the space of a separate washer and dryer. Load the laundry one time, then go handle other tasks while the load is completely washed and dried in one machine in just over an hour.

Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux which distributes Wascomat® and Electrolux® Professional Laundry brands in North America through authorized dealers, is thrilled with the new product line. “To be able to introduce a brand to the market that has such instant consumer recognition and success is so exciting for all of us,” shares Neal. “Electrolux Professional offers products and technology that no other manufacturer comes close to.”

To learn more contact Laundrylux at 800-381-7222 or visit

Bermil Industries announces “Laundrylux” trade name

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April 19, Inwood, New York – Bermil Industries Corporation, distributor of the Wascomat and Electrolux brands of commercial & professional laundry equipment in North America, will be using the trade name “Laundrylux” in its marketing, advertising, and communications.

Neal Milch, CEO of Bermil, explains the decision. “Our company has been known as ‘Wascomat’ by the market for over 50 years, but now that we also market a separate line of Electrolux brand laundry equipment it was clear we needed a trade name that would cover both product lines. We strongly support the Wascomat and Electrolux brands, so we needed a trade name that reflects the high quality of both brands. ‘Laundrylux’ shows our roots in the laundry business and the ‘lux’ reflects the superior quality & advanced technology of our products. Our new corporate website links to separate dedicated web sites for Electrolux brand professional and Wascomat brand commercial laundry equipment, and all our staff email addresses will change to addresses. This unified approach under the Laundrylux trade name will facilitate effective marketing of both brands going forward. While all our laundry products will carry either the Wascomat or Electrolux brand depending on the specific model, they are now marketed by Bermil Industries doing business as Laundrylux.”

Keeping the Blue Jays Clean

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Jays Lockerroom1Toronto’s major league baseball team, the Blue Jays, is headquartered in the Rogers Centre, formerly known as the Sky Dome, a playing field with a retractable “clam shell” roof. Recently the team facilities were upgraded, including the laundry, and Fabricare Canada through contacts with Ian Gibson of Ontario Laundry Systems, was invited to take a tour.

The laundry has two hard-working 55-lb Wascomat hard-mount washers that extract at 300 G-force. Along with two 75-lb Wascomat  electric dryers (no gas in the building) these washers do between 15 and 20 35-minute loads each per day when the team is at home. According to Kevin Malloy, Clubhouse Manager, even though team members do not need to report until afternoon, there are at least two loads of laundry ready to be washed before noon.

Kevin has a staff of 7 to manage thJays Lockerroom2e clubhouse. They launder uniforms and towels all day long. Each player wears a minimum of two complete outfits a day, often more, depending on the amount of batting practice or other working out they may be doing. There are 25 players on the active roster and a total of 40 on the inactive roster, plus the manager and 6 coaches.

There are four different uniforms worn by the team this year. When they are on the road they wear a grey uniform. At home they have an all white for games plus a black and white and a blue and black uniform for batting practice.  A large storage area holds the garments until staff distributes them to the individual lockers.

The uniforms wash beautifully except for the stains when the team plays in a stadium with real grass. Kevin uses a heavy duty detergent and as a last resort treats grass stains sparingly with a bit of Yellow-Go.

Fit for a King
Forget those TV images of players sitting on wooden benches in front of metal lockers. These players have luxurious black leather chairs facing a fitted closet about 5 feet wide. In addition to hanging space for clothes and uniforms, there is a drawer for laptops, ipods and other possessions. Among other storage there is a spacious slide-out storage cabinet for toiletries and a specially fitted drawer for shoes. This drawer is constantly ventilated and sanitized.

We were able to see the spa-like area where players receive massages, soak in hot tubs or whirlpools. Off this area is a full medical unit complete with an X-ray machine. Another room is full of exercise equipment of every description. And to round out the amenities there is a snack area just off the entrance to the ballpark filled with energy bars, juice, water and a drawer of bubble gum.

Beyond this is a full kitchen with steam tables for serving. Many meals are donated by Toronto area restaurants. Everyone wants to see that their Jays are well cared for.

A Bit of History
This American League franchise played its first game on April 7, 1977, against the Chicago White Sox.  The game was notable because it was played in an open stadium during a snow storm. It is also pleasant history for Canada because the Jays won 9 to 5. In 1992 the Jays became the first major league team outside the U.S. to win the World Series. It repeated this feat in 1993. Canadians are ever-hopeful there will be another series win in the future.

Written by Marcia Todd, Fabricare Canada.
Reprinted with permission from Marcia Todd,

Fabricare Canada.