“We have one large plant that does all the work for our 10 satellite stores and our 6 pick-up and delivery commercial accounts.  I had ordered a Wascomat wetcleaning machine because our business is growing, but cash flow issues hindered us from buying another drycleaning machine which are very expensive. By putting in a wetcleaning machine, I was able to increase my production for a quarter of the price.  Since about 85% of all stains coming into a drycleaning shop are water-based, the wetcleaning model worked out perfectly and was a great solution. Then my distributor, the O’Mara brothers whom I know for a dozen years, told me about PLUS by Laundrylux.  With this new program, I received 2 Electrolux Professional high-speed soft mount washers at no cost up front, not even for the installation and delivery.  It’s a “pay as you go” system – you only pay for what you use.  I now have 3 high-speed washers and they are cranking out the work.  On top of this, the PLUS washers spin faster and have two special features – AWS and Smart Dosing – which save on chemicals and water. I could not be happier.” – Tommy Ciccarone, Parkway Cleaners in Westchester, PA


“The Electrolux brand fit our needs perfectly and keeps customers coming back… Limited amperage in our building was one of the challenges, and the technical specifications of Electrolux met our needs.  With Electrolux equipment, our utility bills are surprisingly low – and when you’re in the business of selling utilities, it’s critical to keep those costs down.  My partners and I also liked the brand recognition. Electrolux is a well-respected and well-known name all over the world. We liked the attractive look of the machines and they fit into our space design better than other machines we researched.  Once I plugged my distributor’s layout into my Pro Forma, the contest between Electrolux and the other brands was over, with Electrolux coming out on top as the winner.” – Jim Kennedy, owner of all-Electrolux Pronto Laundry

“With Electrolux washers and dryers, my utilities are only 9-11% each month! By using Electrolux soft-mount equipment, we saved more than $25,000 in construction costs and opened 4 weeks earlier than we would have with a solid-mount store.  Electrolux washers and dryers are my lean, green machines! – Connie Ihrke, Owner of the all-Electrolux Belmont Eco Laundry

“It made good business sense to go with Electrolux. My husband Jay and I are very interested in preserving the planet’s precious resources, so it made sense to purchase high-efficiency, water and energy-saving Electrolux equipment for a business that is utility-driven. The fact that Electrolux machines automatically weigh the laundry in order to determine the best water level, so as not to waste water, was a huge deciding factor in choosing the brand. The fact that the machines extract water from the load at a super-high speed of 350 G-force, and therefore reduces the dry time and gas consumption, was also of great interest. Not only that, Electrolux dryers also come standard with EcoPower technology which reduces gas consumption another 15%. Combine that nifty feature with reversing cylinders, also standard on Electrolux dryers, and you have a recipe for huge savings. Electrolux Professional washers and dryers are my lean, green machines!”

– Connie Ihrke, owner of all-Electrolux Belmont Eco Laundry

“The 350 G-force extraction was extremely attractive to me… it not only saves me money on water, it saves my customers time – a very valuable commodity these days.  By saving my customers time, they get in and out of the store faster, which means I can serve more people. I also appreciate that both Spanish and English are shown on the washer and dryer since 75% of my customers are Hispanic. It’s a win-win for everyone.  I was so excited about the Electrolux equipment, that one night my distributor and I were up until 3:00am testing the efficiencies and figuring out what I would save on construction costs (by installing the 350G soft-mount machines), the water and energy savings, and the additional customers I could serve.” – Joe Thompson, owner of all-Electrolux Big Joe’s Laundry

“The great thing about choosing Electrolux is that it’s a world-leading brand known for the highest quality.  I know Laundrylux and my distributor stand behind the product. I was already familiar with the quality and reliability of the Wascomat machines, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Electrolux.”  — Roger Idler, owner of all-Electrolux Plaza Coin Laundry

“I do a double take when I open my utility bills because they are so much lower than I thought they would be. Also, the brand recognition is tremendous. Customers come to the store specifically because of the Electrolux brand.” – John Pinnock, owner of all-Electrolux Laundry City

“We wanted whatever equipment we purchased to consistenly deliver superior results for our customers—that was a top priority. We carefully researched all options before determining that Wascomat equipment would give us the savings and performance we required. Wascomat gives us a payback on our investment not possible with other equipment.” — Les Hong, owner of The Highway Coin Laundry in Long Beach, CA

“LCS made it so easy for me to market my store. They produced professional quality postcards, door hangers, outside store signs, giant customized window graphics and even a logo. Since we are new to this industry, help from LCS has been invaluable. LCS played a major part in why I chose to buy Electrolux equipment.” – Steve Elliott, owner of Soaphia Laundry, 2 locations

“I’ve been using Wascomat laundry equipment for more than 30 years and I completely trust the quality, performance, and results. I prefer to control our laundry process and there’s no denying that we save time and money by using Wascomat equipment. Plain and simple, it gets the job done.” — Jim Mandas, owner of Rosewood Restaurant, Illinois

“Wascomat makes fantastic machines. We decided to do our laundryin-house to save on costs and to have control of our laundry. We have a washer, dryer, and ironer in our restaurant. We chose Wascomat machines because they are the best in the business.” — Robert Patel, Partner, Chicago Chop House, Chicago, IL

“The [Wascomat] flatwork ironer has already proven itself since we are able to feed, dry, iron, and do a length fold with only one worker. The labor savings are awesome and it throws off much less heat than any other flatwork ironer that I have ever worked with.” — Joanna, Executive Housekeeper, Four Points Sheraton, Calgary

“I purchased my first store in Escatawpa, Mississippi in 2001. It was already established, and there was a 30 year old Wascomat washer in the store still going strong. In 2004, I bought my 2nd store which had some Wascomat Gen 3 and 4 washers still all plugging along. These were great testaments to the product. I am also extremely satisfied with my Wascomat distributor in Gulfport – he has helped me enormously and I continue to be impressed with his skills, knowledge, and most of all, his sincerity and genuineness. When I built my 3rd store from the ground up, I bought all Wascomat equipment and I’ll do the same in my next store. If you do your research, you’ll learn they are truly the best machines on the market.” — Danny Santini, owner of Incrediwash, Mississippi

“Wascomat is the Mercedes Benz of laundry machines. They are worth every penny. The local Wascomat dealer and Regional Business Manager have helped me enormously. Wascomat machines are the most well-built on the market, and therefore they require very little maintenance. They are built to last and will save you money in time, energy and water. I remain very happy with my purchase.” — Casey Kasim, owner of Wash Zone in New Orleans, Louisiana

“After a lot of research, visiting laundries, talking with store owners, and comparing products and service, we decided on Wascomat. There was no question it was the best product. I was very impressed with the machine quality and engineering, utility savings, easy maintenance – and especially the support and service provided by my Wascomat Regional Business Manager, and my local Wascomat distributor.” — Eldridge Stephens, owner of Wash Depot in New Orleans, Louisiana

“I’ve always appreciated how Wascomats are built to last. The other Wascomat machines in my store are about 22 years old and still going strong. It’s a high-quality product you can really rely on. I’m also very impressed with the Compass Control on the SU washers. Once you try it, you’re hooked! It’s so simple to use and I really like that I can easily customize the programs. I’ve already started using the washers in my store and my customers are very happy with them.” — Robert Gagnon, owner of Raylene’s Laundromat in Waterbury, Connecticut

“Wascomats are the most well-built machines you can buy — ask any experienced laundry operator. They outperform other machines in every way and will save you time and money down the line. I originally got into this business by buying a coin laundry in New Jersey that already had Wascomat machines. When we moved to Florida and opened two more stores, I installed Wascomats in both. Before that, I had researched other brands and checked them out at shows, but I always came back to Wascomat. I appreciate the engineering and durability.” — Rich Fleischer, co-owner of 24-Hour Laundry in Fernandina Beach and Yulee, Florida

“I had been researching the business and looking for the right location when I met my local Wascomat dealer. Their knowledge and experience was priceless. They helped me tremendously and I appreciated their honesty and work ethic. I talked to a lot of other store owners, too, and compared the equipment and services. Every other store owner recommended Wascomat. There’s no competition in terms of engineering, durability, ease-of-use, technology, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction.” — Jeff Kuzma, owner of Ruby’s Laundry in Compton, California

“We did a lot of research into equipment before deciding on Wascomat. We wanted the equipment to be long-lasting, durable and reliable. In California, not only are water and energy big expenses—but conservation measures are strictly enforced—so we wanted the most efficient equipment that would give us utility savings and high-speed performance. We also wanted equipment that would be easy for our customers to use and give them great results. Wascomat gave us all this and more. From Wascomat’s service and sales departments to our local dealer and regional business manager, the expertise and knowledge Wascomat brought to the table to help our business succeed is increbible. They helped us enormously from start to finish. ” — Silva Jololian, Owner of Bubbles Coin Laundry in North Hollywood, California


“I started out helping my Dad at the store when I was 10 years old and I’ve been working full-time in the business for 25 years. This year I replaced 5 Neptunes with Crossovers by Wascomat — and I would definitely buy more.  When my distributor first told me about the Crossover washer, I opened it up to take a look. I’ve always been interested in the inside of machines and I was very impressed with the solid construction. They are clearly an upgrade.  My customers are choosing Crossover – even though I have it vended higher than the other small chassis machines. They say they can fit 50% more wash than in the Neptunes, that their laundry comes out cleaner, and they spend less time drying. Crossovers have made a great impact on my numbers — and it’s going to be a real easy decision to buy more.” — Jim Fingerman, Pilgrim Cleaners, MN

“I bought my laundromat about 5 years ago and have to say, Crossover is a big hit. I have it right next to some other small chassis models, but my customers are choosing Crossover even though I have it vended a little higher than the other double load models.  Crossover looks bigger, the door is large which makes it easy to load and unload, it’s easy to use, and it lives up to its reputation – it’s heavy duty.  My customers notice that their laundry comes out a little dryer (the washer spins at 300G) — and they love that they save time and money in the dryer.  I’m seeing lots of turns per day. You can immediately see that a lot of testing went into this machine before it was released. Crossover is robust – and the fact that it completes the cycle even when the customer puts too much soap in is a big plus for me.” — Mark Van Vleck, Town & Country Laundromat, NY

“I’m very happy with my Crossovers. I have 5 so far and they are running constantly. They spin out real good and many of my customers have commented on how they shorten the drying time.  I’m also amazed that spinning at 300G, these soft mount washers have not moved at all. They are heavy duty, reliable, stable, and a real cost saver.” — Charlie Padula, Midtowne Laundry Center, NY

“I’ve been in the laundry business for almost 40 years, so I have a lot of experience with commercial washers and dryers. I must say, I really like the Crossover by Wascomat. It’s a tough machine, weighing in at about 300 lbs with commercial grade engineering, so it can take the abuse and overloading that happens in a laundromat. I have an unattended store, so it’s very important to me that Crossover is tough and reliable.” — Lynn Tucker, Genoa Coin Wash, Illinois

 “I had 12 front load appliance-type washers and they were a complete disaster for three years. I lost so much business because those washers were always breaking down and not working properly. If a customer put too much soap in, the machine would give an error message and shut down for 50 minutes!  My distributor suggested I try Wascomat Crossover washers. I now have 6 and I’m planning to buy more. With Crossovers, I have no error codes and they don’t go out of balance. They are quick, reliable, and my customers LOVE them. I recommend Crossovers to everyone.” — Andy, Telegraph Laundry Center


“LCS made it so easy for me to market my store. They produced professional quality postcards, door hangers, outside store signs, giant customized window graphics and even a logo. Since we are new to this industry, help from LCS has been invaluable. LCS played a major part in why I chose to buy Electrolux equipment… and we have already begun the build out on our 2nd Electrolux store.” – Steve Elliott, Soaphia Laundry Centers

“If I knew this service was available I would not have looked at any other brands or distributors. It would have made my choice so much easier.” – Paul Columbo, Luca’s Laundry

“ We use Laundrylux Creative Services for all our store promotional items and Grand Opening marketing support. It has brought us incredible business.” -– Mike Major, Dirty Laundry

“LCS is one more reason to do business with an authorized Electrolux distributor. It is such an incredible added value. It has made a big difference in closing the deal.” – Jeff Cahn, Uniwasher

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