Electrolux and Laundrylux celebrate 60 year partnership

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Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux, and Keith McLoughlin, Electrolux AB President and CEO, at meeting in Sweden to celebrate 60 year partnership.

Keith McLoughlin, Electrolux AB President and CEO, recently invited Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux, to Sweden for a special ceremony. On behalf of Electrolux, McLoughlin presented Milch with a crystal award to celebrate 60 years of doing business together.

“We have a unique relationship with the Milch family and Laundrylux, and it has only grown stronger over the years,” stated McLoughlin. “We value our partnership and look forward to working together for many more years to come.”

“I was honored to receive this award and have our partnership recognized in such a meaningful way,” shared Milch. “We have a great deal of mutual respect and work closely together on many initiatives such as marketing and product development. Now with my son entering the business, the third generation at Laundrylux, we will be taking our partnership to even greater heights.”

A partnership that began with an accident at sea…

To learn how this great partnership began, we have to go back to the mid 1950s. A young man with an engineering background and experience in laundry equipment sales and service was hired to assess damage to the laundry equipment aboard the Swedish American Line’s M/S Stockholm after the ship collided with the Andrea Doria, near the Island of Nantucket. The young man’s name was Bernard Milch, founder of Laundrylux.

This was Milch’s first introduction to the Swedish-made Wascator (later named Wascomat) front-load stainless steel washers. He was extremely impressed that the machines remained functional after the water-filled laundry area was drained. Milch made inquiries to the Swedish company and eventually purchased a Wascator washer for testing and technical investigation.

Milch’s testing confirmed his initial confidence in the Wascator machines. He was convinced that commercial front-load washers could revolutionize the industry. Milch obtained the sales and marketing rights for Wascator machines in North America and, since he ate lunch at the “Automat” and liked the sound of the name, decided to use the name Wascomat for marketing. He seized the opportunity and the industry was changed forever.

Electrolux, which later purchased Wascator, credits Wascomat’s growth in North America to the extraordinary marketing efforts of Milch and his team.  Since then, Laundrylux has become a valued partner representing the Electrolux Professional and Wascomat commercial laundry brands in North America.

About Electrolux

Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year. The company makes thoughtfully designed, innovative solutions based on extensive consumer research, meeting the desires of today’s consumers and professionals. In 2013, Electrolux had sales of SEK 109 billion and about 61,000 employees. For more information go to http://www.electroluxgroup.com.

About Laundrylux

Laundrylux distributes Electrolux professional and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment in North America through its extensive distributor network.  The company offers state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment for the vended and OPL markets, as well as PLUS Professional Laundry Utility Service, financing, and marketing. To learn more, call (800)645-2205 or visit www.laundrylux.com.

Retooled laundromat a clean win over the competition

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Susie Boyd, owner of Electrolux equipped Mr. Bubbles Coin Laundry

With five competing laundries in the Tacoma, Washington area, Susie Boyd knew exactly how she was going to make her laundromat, Mr. Bubbles, stand apart from her competitors and win over clientele – by creating a sparkling clean laundry environment.

Susie’s ideal laundromat vision came to her quite effortlessly; she just kept on thinking – what kind of place would I want to would to do my laundry in?

“That was the easy part,” shared Susie, “I would want a good location with ample parking and the best equipment, of course. I also would want a laundromat to have a comfortable atmosphere, friendly customer service, and to be clean.

Retooling instead of building from scratch

After looking at more than 20 stores, Susie chose the perfect one that held true to her vision of the right location with lots of parking. It also came at the right price. “I liked the idea of retooling an existing store since it would be less expensive than building something new,” explained Susie. “Most of the utility work was already in place, plus, it had a small but solid customer base so the ramp-up time would be shortened as well.”

Electrolux empowered Mr. Bubbles Coin Laundry

Susie gave the store a complete overhaul – from replacing all the outdated equipment, to installing energy efficient lighting, to altering the layout of the 2,000-square-foot space to maximize every inch. “We needed to accommodate the larger Electrolux Professional laundry equipment and make better use of the space,” said Susie.

In addition to the super-fast and superior cleaning and drying power of Electrolux equipment, aisles were opened up, and a roomy folding area was created. The picnic-bench seating lends just the right touch, creating an appealing ambiance while giving customers plenty of room to sit and read, or take advantage of the free Wi-fi.

Now, just how clean is clean for this former owner of a commercial janitorial company and self-proclaimed “clean freak?”

“Well, I’ve installed hand sanitizers throughout the store,” chuckled Susie. “And I guess you could say our motto is ‘Always Be Cleaning’. I’ve personally trained our attendants to keep the entire store spotless at all times, ensuring a fresh, clean space for our customers.”

The perfect marriage – a mix of industry expertise and, well, marriage

Electrolux equipped Mr. Bubbles Coin Laundry

As a first-time store owner, Susie knew she needed a laundry expert to help her re-tool and re-launch her store. She also knew exactly who to turn to – the 22-year veteran in the self-service laundry business who just happens to be her husband – Rich Boyd.

Rich is the owner and president of SeaTac, Washington-based CESCO Equipment, a Laundrylux distributor. Prior to CESCO, Rich was the Western Regional Business Manager for Laundrylux.

“Rich has designed, installed and sold some of the finest large coin laundries in Southern California and Arizona,” said Susie. “He also ran an office in Albuquerque primarily selling OPL washers and dryers to the hospitality industry, so even if Rich wasn’t my husband, I’d be breaking down doors to work with him. His working knowledge about choosing the right equipment mix alone is proving invaluable to the success of Mr. Bubbles.”

And how was it for Rich working with his wife on the creation of Mr. Bubbles?

“We make a great team,” said Rich. “Susie’s heard me talk endlessly about the laundry business for years and has seen many of the new stores that I had a hand in building. Actually, her commercial janitorial company was responsible for many of the new-store clean-ups. Susie has an excellent understanding of this business and was clear about what she wanted in her laundromat.”

Brand loyalty

It comes as no surprise that the only laundry equipment choice for Susie and Rich was the Electrolux professional brand. “I could not be an Electrolux and Wascomat distributor, much less recommend these products to my wife of all people, if I didn’t believe they were absolutely the best washers and dryers in the business,” said Rich matter-of-factly.

Susie couldn’t agree more. “We didn’t even discuss it, we didn’t have to,” added Susie. “Electrolux Professional laundry equipment has a proven record in durability and offers the largest energy savings. Choosing Electrolux equipment was by far the easiest decision we had to make.” Electrolux washers are the most innovative on the market with Automatic Water Savings (AWS) for lowest water consumption and Compass control for easy programming.

Electrolux stack dryers in Mr. Bubbles Coin Laundry

For dryer selection, the couple went with high-performance Electrolux Stack Dryers. “The Electrolux dryers have a larger capacity than competitive models,” shared Susie. “They use less energy and dry faster. The reversing cylinders also reduce energy consumption, and protect against wrinkling and tangling.”

The Electrolux dryers also come with a unique innovation called EcoPower, which can save you up to 15% on gas. This unique technology determines when garments are dry and then automatically lowers the dryer temperature. With EcoPower, there’s less wear-and-tear on garments and no over-drying. Electrolux Professional stack dryers also have the best lint filter in the industry. “Our attendant pulls the filter forward and gently swipes his or her fingers across the lint filter,” said Rich. “That’s it. It’s amazing that something so small can be such a huge time saver.”

Another easy equipment decision for Susie was installing a card system that works with all payment types. “Some of our competitors have card-only equipment, which isn’t a convenient option for every customer,” said Susie. “Mr. Bubbles has a loyalty card just like the competition, but we also accept credit and debit cards, and, of course, coins.”

Family loyalty…

Susie knew her husband wasn’t the only family member she could depend on to make Mr. Bubbles a success – she knew she could count on her son, Wesley, as well.

“Actually, he was the main reason I wanted to get into the laundry business in the first place,” shared Susie. “Wesley is 17 and has a brain disorder. As a parent of a special needs child, I regularly found myself thinking about his future.”

Susie wanted Wesley to be financially secure, but more than that she wanted him to enjoy his work. “Don’t we all want that?” posed Susie. “Wesley has a loving spirit and an outgoing personality. I felt that this business would be a wonderful fit for him.”

Wesley helps Susie empty lint filters, refill the snack-vending machines and, his all-time favorite task – sort out the bills from the change machine. He also takes great pleasure in talking to his customers. “I’m so happy he’s learning so much and having a good time doing it,” said Susie, smiling. “We go to the store every Sunday. It’s become our family tradition.”

After Wesley completes his schooling in the next few years, he’ll begin working full-time at Mr. Bubbles. One day, he will be its owner.

“I feel so blessed to be his mom,” shared Susie. “I learn from him every day. Wesley keeps me grounded and focused and has given me courage to take on any challenge, like opening a laundry.”

Leaving her competitors in the dust

Since renovating and reopening its doors in February 2013, Mr. Bubbles has experienced astonishing growth. “We just past 500% of what it was doing before we took it over!” exclaimed Susie. “And I can still recall the excitement of Grand Opening day.”

“We ran a month-long special discount on our washers, which proved to be a big hit,” said Susie. “The store was bustling thanks to Google Ads, a social-media push, and good old fashioned word-of-mouth. We also mailed out 2,000 preloaded loyalty cards to people who lived in neighboring apartment buildings.”

However, the most gratifying experience for Susie was donating preloaded loyalty cards to a local church to distribute to those in need. “The biggest benefit in giving back is that is makes my heart feel good,” shared Susie.

Today, the response from the community continues to be overwhelmingly positive. So much so that Mr. Bubbles recently received the 2014 Best of Tacoma Award in the Laundromat category.

Each year, the Tacoma Award Program identifies local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. These exceptional companies help make the Tacoma area a great place to live, work, and play.

“With five laundries within a mile of each other, being selected for this award was an incredible honor for us,” shared Susie.

Susie is beyond pleased that her cleaning obsession, as well as the superior Electrolux Professional laundry equipment and friendly service, are being so well received. “I think we’re on to something here, she shared. “ I am so looking forward to what comes next.”

Record Breaking Show at Ontario Laundry Systems

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Ontario Laundry Systems, long-time distributor of Electrolux Professional and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment, is happy to report record-breaking sales and attendees at their Annual Open House and Product Show this past October.

“Our efforts and hard work were rewarded by the exceptional efforts of Team Laundrylux,” shared Ian Gibson, Director, Ontario Laundry Systems. “They helped take our show over the top — it was our best show ever!  I don’t believe that any distributor of any brand in the laundry industry ever received the support we received from the exceptional professionals at Laundrylux.”

This was a very special show indeed.  In addition to tremendous sales on Electrolux, Wascomat, and Crossover equipment, Ontario Laundry Systems held seminars and service schools, and served delicious food. To celebrate 50 years in business, Ian Gibson also had a prize wheel which generated a lot of excitement.

“We wish Ian and the entire Ontario Laundry Systems team another 50 years of success!” shares John Olsen, Laundrylux VP Vended Products. “We thank everyone at Ontario Laundry Systems, and family and friends that helped out, for making the show such a huge success.”

Thanks also to the Laundrylux team in attendance for all their hardwork and support:  John Sabino – President, John Olsen – VP Vended Products, Robert Chateau – Regional Business Development Manager, Dawn Nagle – VP of Creative / Marketing Director, Angel Vasquez – Regional Business Development Manager, and Michael Martino – Director of Financial Services LFS.

A new spin on the laundry experience

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 As you leisurely indulge yourself in a microbrew and a Panini, made with goat cheese from Portland Creamery, you receive a text message announcing your laundry is done. Glancing around the retro-mod lounge you just might have to remind yourself, “Oh right, I’m in a Laundromat.” Obviously this is not your typical college-town Laundromat – this is Spin Laundry Lounge.

Morgan Gary, owner of Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge, serves up some hospitality.
Morgan Gary, owner of Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge, serves up some hospitality.

Located in Portland, Oregon’s Historic Mississippi District, Spin Laundry Lounge encompasses everything owner and founder, Morgan Gary, originally had in mind when it came to putting her, well, unique spin on the laundry business. “My goal was to redefine the Laundromat,” explained Morgan. “And a big part of that was creating a community space that functions as more than just a place to wash and dry your clothes.”

Warm and inviting

Get your homework done with a nice cup of coffee while doing your laundry - at Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge in Oregon.
Get your homework done with a nice cup of coffee while doing your laundry – at Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge in Oregon.

Stepping inside the 5,000 square foot space, you can feel the warmth of Spin’s open and bright café environment inviting locals to stay awhile; take in a Blazer’s game on the high definition projector or check emails, thanks to free wifi, whether you’re doing laundry or not.

Spin’s café / bar menu boasts a selection of coffee, tea, beer and wine, pastries, small bites, and fresh salads – all made with ingredients sourced from local farms and companies. “We’ve also partnered with a local company called Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade,” shared Morgan. “Ground Kontrol provides Spin with a few arcade games.” Right now Spin customers can enjoy a timeless game of Ms. PacMan on the mezzanine level.

While the circa 1951 warehouse building where Spin is housed offers up an unhurried atmosphere and tons of character, such as the 1-ton Shepard overhead crane, customers will find there’s nothing slow-moving and vintage about Spin’s ultra energy-efficient and water-saving Electrolux Professional laundry equipment.

“In the end, sustainability was always my main focus,” shared Morgan. “From the Electrolux Professional washers and dryers, to the eco-friendly products and cleaners, right down to the local and organic food and drink in the café – Spin is as green as can be.”

A focus on sustainability and making an impact

Doing laundry never felt so good! At Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland.
Doing laundry never felt so good! At Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland.

Morgan always knew she wanted to make a lasting, positive impact on the environment and her community. She had been working in management for a while when she decided to head to business school. “I had always dreamed of starting my own

company,” said Morgan, “and the laundry business seemed like a perfect fit because typically it’s an industry where lots of water, energy and chemicals are being used.”

In 2012, she graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Business, and, what’s more, a comprehensive business plan. “My final project was a 100-plus page business plan on how to make my efficient and inviting interpretation of a Laundromat a reality,” said Morgan. “I studied trends, visited stores in the area, and read every book I could find about Laundromats and the laundry industry.”

She also kept a running list, jotting down every idea that could make her Laundromat distinctive and sustainable. “From wine tastings, to donating clothing (that was clean and folded) to area shelters, to using compostable to-go containers, to installing energy-efficient lighting – my list kept right on growing,” joked Morgan. “That’s when it really hit me that the laundry industry could greatly benefit from a new way of thinking.”

The dream takes off…

With her redefined Laundromat model firmly in place, Morgan now focused on connecting with the right laundry distributor – one who felt as strongly as she did about sustainability. She found such a partner in Lisa White, owner of Absolute Laundry Systems.

5,000 sf Spin Laundry Lounge - in Portland, OR
5,000 sf Spin Laundry Lounge – in Portland, OR

“Lisa, her husband, Scott, and the entire team at Absolute Laundry Systems are incredibly knowledgeable about creating stores built on sustainable business practices,” explained Morgan. “Lisa helped me with everything – lease negotiations, design and layout of the mat, construction, training, even finding the ideal location.”

After a year of searching high and low for the right building and neighborhood for her brand new Laundromat, Morgan fell in love with the “amazing old warehouse building” that Spin now calls home. “It was perfect!” exclaimed Morgan. “In addition to the parking lot, the space offered up plenty of on-the-street parking – and was surrounded by like-minded green businesses.”

It was also close to busy downtown Portland, college campuses, and many older and newer efficient / LEED certified apartment buildings. The renovation from warehouse to Spin Laundry Lounge took approximately four and a half months. “From day one, Lisa and Scott were invested in my business; they cared and wanted me to succeed,” shared Morgan. “Even after our doors opened, their expertise and support continues to be invaluable. What I appreciate most about them is that they really listened to what I wanted my Laundromat to be.”

And the number one way to create a distinctive and sustainable laundry…

"Sustainability was always my main focus," states Morgan Gary, owner of Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge.
“Sustainability was always my main focus,” states Morgan Gary, owner of Electrolux equipped Spin Laundry Lounge.

Remember Morgan’s extensive laundry list of cool features and sustainable items? Well, topping her list was having “the most energy efficient laundry equipment in the world.”

“That would be the Electrolux Professional 450 G-force soft-mount washers,” said Morgan. “It has a unique feature called Automatic Water Savings (AWS) that automatically adds the correct amount of water to match the load size, which is incredible. The water saving is up to 30 percent!” 450 G-force extraction removes more water, which in turn saves time and energy in the dryer.

The speed of the cycles was also very important to Morgan – and her customers. “Most of our customers are shocked and excited to find out they can complete up to eight loads of laundry in one

washer and dryer in as little as 45 minutes.” Plus, Morgan is mighty pleased that she’s able to save on utility costs and pass on those savings to her customers.

Spin – A New Way to Laundry

Ever since opening its doors in March, the community response to Spin has been overwhelmingly positive. “Customers love the complimentary sanitizing rinse, and all of our Nellie’s All Natural Laundry products,” shared Morgan. “And that they can get all of their laundry finished – washed and dried – in only 45 minutes. They also enjoy the atmosphere and the fact that they can order a coffee (or beer!) while they wait.”

You control your business down to the last drop of water with Electrolux Professional Compass Pro - at Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland.
You control your business down to the last drop of water with Electrolux Professional Compass Pro – at Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland.

Perhaps one of the biggest satisfactions for Morgan is being involved in the daily operations of her store. “I wanted to change people’s perception that ‘laundry day’ had to be this monumental time-consuming chore,” said Morgan. “Looking around at my customer’s faces, I can honestly say that I’ve absolutely changed their laundry experience for the better. And that feels great. Mission accomplished.”

“Electrolux professional equipment helped turn my vision into a reality. Our customers are able to save time and money, reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy every minute of the redefined Laundromat experience.”

Wascomat commercial washer – 44 years old and still going strong

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Take a look at this clip sent in by one of our satisfied customers! It’s a testament to the strength and reliability of Wascomat products. Pat Hays, owner of Dukes Coin Laundry, still has an old Wascomat Blue Top washer in her store, going strong since 1970.  Serviceman Keith Long’s dad sold the laundromat to Pat about 32 years ago and he remains Pat’s serviceman today.

“I have customers that specifically want to use that machine,” states Pat. “It’s still kicking and doing a great job 44 years later. Works great, cleans great, and still has the old style timer.  I believe in Wascomats. They can really take the abuse of a coin laundry environment.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” shares Keith. “It’s in really great shape. Works like it’s brand new.”

We thank Keith and Pat for sharing this story with us.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Looks to Wascomat for Laundry Room Retool

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UnivWIwashersrowTweakedlrOne might be inclined to think the demands facing an athletic department laundry room at a university aren’t that great. However, such an assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a lot more than homogenous loads of towels, towels, and more towels.

Terry Schlatter, director of equipment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will tell you the challenges placed on his laundry rooms were tremendous. So much in fact, that he turned to Wascomat and Mark Litsky at Integrated Sports Specialties (ISS) to help the department undertake a massive laundry re-tool.

“Our goal was to centralize our laundry operations into one location and share it with football and our Olympic sports,” Schlatter said of the two-year remodeling project.

Litsky said the key to success in this undertaking was being involved in the planning right from the start. “We were lucky enough to be involved from step one…that way we were able to craft the best overall plan,” said Litsky, who has extensive experience as an architectural engineer, in addition to decades in the laundry business.

Equipment operating in the laundry was dated, inefficient, and experiencing far too frequent breakdowns. The capacities of the machines were also too high and were rarely fully loaded. Combining operations within Dave McClain Athletic Facility would require a lot of planning in order to choose the right equipment necessary to overcome the challenges and increase production.

“They were hardly using the full capacity of the 125-pound washers,” Litsky said, adding that such underloading conditions can mean additional wear-and-tear on major components of the machines.

Reliability and efficiency, however, were only part of the focus for new equipment. Machines also would need to be able to handle a variety of load types, and deliver wash and finish-quality that matched the high expectations of the Wisconsin Badgers.

“We see a variety of items, from team uniforms and daily practice t-shirts and shorts, to socks,” Schlatter said. Combining operations brought additional items such as custodial rags, and food and beverage tablecloths. “Laundering everything from technical athletic gear to table linens is a tremendous challenge. This isn’t a case of just filling the cylinder and hitting start. Our operation required a high degree of programmability to ensure quality results. Wascomat definitely delivered on all fronts.”

Litsky recommended six Wascomat EXSM665 65-lb capacity hardmount washers and eight Wascomat TD83 83-lb capacity dryers. These capacities would ensure full loads were always running to maximize efficiency, while an extract speed of 300 G-Force would significantly reduce dry times, save energy, and increase productivity. The laundry gained additional efficiency by replacing the steam-heated dryers with gas units. But this was more than a simple removal of the old equipment and install of new machines. Schlatter was impressed by the commitment of Litsky and ISS staff to fine-tune all the wash and dry cycles.

“ISS was excellent in installing and programming our new Wascomat equipment,” Schlatter said. The Wascomat washers came equipped with the fully-programmable Clarus Control® which offers room for up to 192 custom wash cycles.

That extra effort appears to have paid dividends in not just finished results, but the overall efficiency of the operations.

“The wash results for our practice and competition apparel has been outstanding,” Schlatter said, adding that, “By combining our equipment we were able to cut down on evening and weekend staff hours.” The root of those reductions in staff hours is centered on the speed and efficiency of the Wascomat equipment.

“With Wascomat washers and dryers in the operation, we dramatically shortened cycle times while improving results,” Litsky said. Fast cycle times and high extract speeds on the wash side help set up for the big finish.

“These Wascomat units dry amazingly fast,” said Litsky, whose company designs and installs laundry rooms at some of the country’s top universities.

Even with ISS’s extensive list of impressive installs, Litsky counts the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a highpoint. “We use our University of Wisconsin-Madison laundry room design and installation as an example for other schools,” he said.

PLUS – perfect for drycleaners, hotels, nursing homes, and more.

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Are you struggling with laundry problems and expenses? Are you tired of down time and service calls? Do you need to replace old, worn-out equipment, but have no budget for it?drycleaners

PLUS is the revolutionary new innovation from Laundrylux where we deliver and install your new Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment for FREEYou have zero capital investment and no long-term lease or contract! Simply use the equipment as needed and pay ONLY for what you use. Imagine, no expensive linen rental or commercial laundry contract – and no warranty worries because parts and service are included for life.

PLUS means no surprise repair bills, no down time, no capital investment in equipment, and no more laundry headaches. PLUS frees up your capital for more urgent business priorities.

Satisfied customer Tommy Ciccarone, owner of Parkway Cleaners in Pennsylvania, sees his business growing because of PLUS. “We have one large plant that does all the work for our 10 satellite stores and our 6 pick-up and delivery commercial accounts.  I had ordered a Wascomat wetcleaning machine because our business is growing, but cash flow issues hindered us from buying another drycleaning machine which are very expensive. By putting in a wetcleaning machine, I was able to increase my production for a quarter of the price.  Since about 85% of all stains coming into a drycleaning shop are water-based, the wetcleaning model worked out perfectly and was a great solution. Then my distributor, the O’Mara brothers whom I know for a dozen years, told me about PLUS by Laundrylux.  With this new program, I received 2 Electrolux Professional high-speed soft mount washers at no cost up front, not even for the installation and delivery.  It’s a “pay as you go” system – you only pay for what you use.  I now have 3 high-speed washers and they are cranking out the work.  On top of this, the PLUS washers spin faster and have two special features – AWS and Smart Dosing – which save on chemicals and water. I could not be happier.”

Please click here for additional information on PLUS:

Electrolux to spend $86 million on North American headquarters expansion

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This expansion, the second in three years, will help support the Electrolux Professional and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment brands as they continue to grow in North America.   

Electrolux will invest $85 million in a 20-year lease agreement, as part of the development of a second building adjacent to its existing headquarters.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The new six-floor, 375,000-square-foot building featuring LEED certification and solar panels, is needed to meet Electrolux’s 3-year plan to hire 810 new employees. The jobs are in the areas of research and development, marketing, design, engineering, supply chain, finance, IT and executive management.

“We are excited to see Electrolux expanding as Electrolux Professional and Wascomat laundry equipment brands continue to rapidly gain market share in North America,” states Neal Milch, Laundrylux CEO. “Electrolux is a global leader in sustainability and innovation, and we are proud to have our distributors come to Electrolux North America’s world-class facility for hands on product training.  This expansion further illustrates the company’s commitment to its customers and partners.”

Wascomat stars in NY Times ad

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AdNYT_WascomatConEd2013Once again, Wascomat commercial laundry equipment takes a starring role – this time in a Con Edison ad that ran in the NY Times.  Built to last, the Emerald-series Wascomat washers featured in the ad were introduced over 20 years ago and are still going strong today.

Continuing its long history of reliability and savings

The new Wascomat Generation 7 washers and dryers have new features designed to save you money and increase your profits.  Wascomats get the job done day-in and day-out with reliability you can depend on.  They are designed to lower your water and energy usage, and provide year after year of trouble free operation.  Here are some of the new features:

  • Compass Pro microprocessor on washers and dryers – one knob does it all including program selection, custom programming, diagnostics, and more
  • 2 languages displayed at the same time
  • Real time clock for time of day, happy hour and promotional pricing
  • Easiest and quickest to clean lint screen in the industry

Laundrylux offers Disaster Recovery Program to laundries affected by devastating Colorado flooding

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Laundrylux has announced a disaster recovery program that will be offered to self-service laundry owners affected by the devastating floods this past week in Colorado. This program includes no payments and no interest for up to 120 days, plus low fixed interest rates. In addition, Laundrylux will waive all fees to help get their laundry-owner customers’ businesses back up and running as quickly as possible.

“Our hearts go out to the people of Colorado. We understand what you are going through and want to do our part to help,” states Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux. “We are working hand-in-hand with Advanced Laundry Systems of Colorado to make it as affordable as possible for self-service laundry owners – as well as business owners, such as hotels, nursing homes, long term care, and other facilities – to get the equipment they need right away.”

Family-owned Advanced Laundry Systems, distributor of  Electrolux and Wascomat Professional Laundry equipment, has been in the Denver-metro area for 20 years. “We are Colorado natives and we’ve lived in the Denver area our whole lives,” states Diane and Rob Burgess, owners of Advanced Laundry Systems. “We are overcome with grief at this week’s tragic events and our hearts go out to everyone in our communities. Some of our family members lost everything in the flooding, too. We understand your laundry is your livelihood and we will do everything within our power to make sure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.”

Robert Hinojosa, Regional Business Manager for Laundrylux, is working directly with Advanced Laundry Systems to make sure they get the equipment and financing they need to best serve their customers.  “I personally lived through the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and fully understand what our customers are going through,” states Hinojosa. “Creating this program was a top priority for me and will help our customers get their business back up and running so they can continue to get their personal lives back in order.”

If your existing laundry is in Colorado and you have been affected by the recent flooding, please call Laundrylux or Advanced Laundry Systems to learn more:

Laundrylux:  (800) 645-2205
Advanced Laundry Systems, Colorado – ask for Diane or Rob:  (303) 432-2504